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Add SomeIPtoEmamTagSchema

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/* (c) */
package de.monticore.lang.embeddedmontiarc.tagging.middleware.someip;
import de.monticore.lang.tagging._symboltable.TaggingResolver;
import de.monticore.symboltable.resolving.CommonResolvingFilter;
public class SomeIPtoEmamTagSchema {
protected static SomeIPToEmamTagSchema instance = null;
protected SomeIPToEmamTagSchema() {
protected static SomeIPToEmamTagSchema getInstance() {
if (instance == null) {
instance = new SomeIPToEmamTagSchema();
return instance;
protected void doRegisterTagTypes(TaggingResolver tagging) {
tagging.addTagSymbolCreator(new SomeIPConnectionSymbolCreator());
public static void registerTagTypes(TaggingResolver tagging) {
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