Commit e42bc2ad authored by Sebastian Nickels's avatar Sebastian Nickels

Changed LayerSymbol so that it is not allowed as output of a stream

parent 8243a33c
......@@ -253,13 +253,6 @@ public class LayerSymbol extends ArchitectureElementSymbol {
public List<ArchTypeSymbol> computeOutputTypes() {
if (getResolvedThis().isPresent()) {
if (getResolvedThis().get() == this) {
// if LayerSymbol has no output element and layer can be output, then return empty output types array
if (!getOutputElement().isPresent()) {
if (((PredefinedLayerDeclaration) getDeclaration()).canBeOutput(VariableSymbol.Member.NONE)) {
return new ArrayList<>();
return ((PredefinedLayerDeclaration) getDeclaration()).computeOutputTypes(getInputTypes(), this, VariableSymbol.Member.NONE);
else {
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