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......@@ -606,6 +606,8 @@ All predefined methods start with a capital letter and all constructed methods h
* **EpisodicMemory(replayMemoryStoreProb=1, maxStoredSamples=-1, memoryReplacementStrategy="replace_oldest", useReplay=true, replayInterval, replayBatchSize=-1, replaySteps, replayGradientSteps=1, useLocalAdaption=true, localAdaptionGradientSteps=1, localAdaptionK=1, queryNetDir=-1, queryNetPrefix=-1, queryNetNumInputs=1)**
!!! Importent: Replay needs mxnet version 1.7.0, see installation instructions at [EMADL2CPP](!!!
Episodic Memory as described in [1], although we implemented it as a layer which can also be used inside of a network. Works with multiple inputs. Not learned. Inputs are stored and are repleayed on part of the network following this layer. Local adaption retrives samples to the sample for which inference should be done from memory and performs finetuning learning with these on the part of the network following this layer.
* **replayMemoryStoreProb** ( 0 <= integer <= 1, optional, default=1): Probability with which a sample seen during training will be stored in memory (per actual sample, not batch).
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