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......@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ This language supports the basic arithmetic operators "+", "-", "\*", "/", the l
At the moment, it is sometimes necessary to use parentheses around an expression to avoid a parsing error.
For example, the line `someMethod(booleanArg = (1!=1))` does not parse without the parentheses around `1!=1`.
## Advanced Example
## Advanced Examples
This version of Alexnet, which uses method construction, argument sequences and special arguments, is identical to the one in the section Basic Structure.
architecture Alexnet_alt2(img_height=224, img_width=224, img_channels=3, classes=10){
......@@ -235,6 +235,46 @@ architecture Alexnet_alt2(img_height=224, img_width=224, img_channels=3, classes
The following architecture defines ResNet-152.
architecture ResNet152(img_height=224, img_width=224, img_channels=3, classes=1000){
def input Z(0:255)^{img_channels, img_height, img_width} data
def output Q(0:1)^{classes} predictions
def conv(kernel, channels, stride=1, act=true){
Convolution(kernel=(kernel,kernel), channels=channels, stride=(stride,stride)) ->
BatchNorm() ->
def resLayer(channels, stride=1, addSkipConv=false){
conv(kernel=1, channels=channels, stride=stride) ->
conv(kernel=3, channels=channels) ->
conv(kernel=1, channels=4*channels, act=false)
conv(kernel=1, channels=4*channels, stride=stride, act=false, ? = addSkipConv)
) ->
Add() ->
data ->
conv(kernel=7, channels=64, stride=2) ->
Pooling(pool_type="max", kernel=(3,3), stride=(2,2)) ->
resLayer(channels=64, addSkipConv=true) ->
resLayer(channels=64, ->=2) ->
resLayer(channels=128, stride=2, addSkipConv=true) ->
resLayer(channels=128, ->=7) ->
resLayer(channels=256, stride=2, addSkipConv=true) ->
resLayer(channels=256, ->=35) ->
resLayer(channels=512, stride=2, addSkipConv=true) ->
resLayer(channels=512, ->=2) ->
GlobalPooling(pool_type="avg") ->
FullyConnected(units=classes) ->
Softmax() ->
## Predefined Layers
All methods with the exception of *Concatenate*, *Add*, *Get* and *Split* can only handle 1 input stream and have 1 output stream.
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