Commit cf1e61d0 authored by Markus Georg Bendel's avatar Markus Georg Bendel

Fix typo Someip -> SomeIP

parent 1a4f7394
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......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ include_directories (
# Linking libraries to target
add_library(SomeIPAdapter_${model.getEscapedCompName()} SomeIPAdapter_${model.getEscapedCompName()}.cpp)
target_link_libraries(SomeipAdapter_${model.getEscapedCompName()} vsomeip <#noparse>${Boost_LIBRARIES}</#noparse>)
target_link_libraries(SomeIPAdapter_${model.getEscapedCompName()} vsomeip <#noparse>${Boost_LIBRARIES}</#noparse>)
# Export target to a cmake module file for outside usage
export(TARGETS SomeIPAdapter_${model.getEscapedCompName()} FILE SomeIPAdapter_${model.getEscapedCompName()}.cmake)
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