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Moved some MXNet-related code to CNNArch2MXNet and CNNArch2Gluon

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......@@ -126,18 +126,5 @@ public abstract class CNNArchGenerator {
public Map<String, String> generateCMakeContent(String rootModelName) {
// model name should start with a lower case letter. If it is a component, replace dot . by _
rootModelName = rootModelName.replace('.', '_').replace('[', '_').replace(']', '_');
rootModelName = rootModelName.substring(0, 1).toLowerCase() + rootModelName.substring(1);
CMakeConfig cMakeConfig = new CMakeConfig(rootModelName);
cMakeConfig.addModuleDependency(new CMakeFindModule("Armadillo", true));
cMakeConfig.addCMakeCommand("set(LIBS ${LIBS} mxnet)");
Map<String,String> fileContentMap = new HashMap<>();
for (FileContent fileContent : cMakeConfig.generateCMakeFiles()){
fileContentMap.put(fileContent.getFileName(), fileContent.getFileContent());
return fileContentMap;
public abstract Map<String, String> generateCMakeContent(String rootModelName);
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