Commit 66f536fa authored by Julian Dierkes's avatar Julian Dierkes

Merge branch 'develop' of...

Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
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......@@ -71,6 +71,20 @@ public class ConfigurationData {
return (Boolean) getConfiguration().getEntry("normalize").getValue().getValue();
public Boolean getShuffleData() {
if (!getConfiguration().getEntryMap().containsKey("shuffle_data")) {
return null;
return (Boolean) getConfiguration().getEntry("shuffle_data").getValue().getValue();
public String getClipGlobalGradNorm() {
if (!getConfiguration().getEntryMap().containsKey("clip_global_grad_norm")) {
return null;
return String.valueOf(getConfiguration().getEntry("clip_global_grad_norm").getValue());
public String getPreprocessingName() {
if (!getConfiguration().getEntryMap().containsKey("preprocessing_name")) {
return null;
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