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......@@ -196,7 +196,13 @@ public class ArchitectureElementData {
public List<Integer> getOutputShape(){
return getLayerSymbol().getIntTupleValue(AllPredefinedLayers.OUTPUT_SHAPE_NAME).get();
if (getLayerSymbol().getIntValue(AllPredefinedLayers.OUTPUT_SHAPE_NAME).isPresent()){
List<Integer> list = new ArrayList<>();
list.add((Integer) getLayerSymbol().getIntValue(AllPredefinedLayers.OUTPUT_SHAPE_NAME).get());
return list;
return getLayerSymbol().getIntTupleValue(AllPredefinedLayers.OUTPUT_SHAPE_NAME).get();
public int getScaleFactor(){
......@@ -52,8 +52,6 @@ public abstract class TrainParamSupportChecker implements CNNTrainVisitor {
public void visit(ASTAdamOptimizer node){}
public void visit(ASTAdamWOptimizer node){}
public void visit(ASTRmsPropOptimizer node){}
public void visit(ASTAdaGradOptimizer node){}
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