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[update]: LayerNameCreator function name, checks if the passed...

[update]: LayerNameCreator function name, checks if the passed ArchtectureELementSymbol is artifical (defined by a dev in the arch lang), then adds all the sub layers and then adds also the name of the dev
parent e923d9dc
...@@ -46,11 +46,15 @@ public class LayerNameCreator { ...@@ -46,11 +46,15 @@ public class LayerNameCreator {
} else { } else {
return stage; return stage;
} }
}else if (architectureElement.isArtificial()) {
return add(architectureElement,stage,streamIndices);
}else{ }else{
ArchitectureElementSymbol resolvedElement = (ArchitectureElementSymbol) architectureElement.getResolvedThis().get(); ArchitectureElementSymbol resolvedElement = (ArchitectureElementSymbol) architectureElement.getResolvedThis().get();
return name(resolvedElement, stage, streamIndices); int final_stage = name(resolvedElement, stage, streamIndices);
if (architectureElement.isArtificial()){
// if the element is artificial the name needs to be added
final_stage = add(architectureElement,final_stage,streamIndices);
return final_stage;
} }
} }
} }
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