Commit 7bdfb924 authored by Alexander David Hellwig's avatar Alexander David Hellwig
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isKindOf(StructSymbol.KIND) -> instanceof StructSymbol, because...

isKindOf(StructSymbol.KIND) -> instanceof StructSymbol, because StructSymbol.KIND = MCTypeSymbol.KIND and MCTypeSymbol is not a subclass of StructSymbol
parent 447e9107
......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ public class GeneratorRosMsg {
if (type.isKindOf(StructSymbol.KIND)) {
if (type instanceof StructSymbol) {
StructSymbol structSymbol = (StructSymbol) type;
if (packageName == null)
Log.error("Target must be set! Use GeneratorRosMsg::setTarget!");
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