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Add toplevel component for flatten testing

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package lab;
component OverallSystem{
ports in Q input[4],
out Q output[4];
instance System system1;
instance System system2;
connect input[1] -> system1.rosIn[1];
connect input[2] -> system1.rosIn[2];
connect input[3] -> system1.rosIn[3];
connect input[4] -> system1.rosIn[4];
connect system1.rosOut -> system2.rosIn[1];
connect system1.rosOut -> system2.rosIn[2];
connect system1.rosOut -> system2.rosIn[3];
connect system1.rosOut -> system2.rosIn[4];
connect system2.rosOut -> output[1];
connect system2.rosOut -> output[2];
connect system2.rosOut -> output[3];
connect system2.rosOut -> output[4];
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