Commit e0a6c31d authored by Alexander David Hellwig's avatar Alexander David Hellwig
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Fixed: no clusters are returned on error

parent 83998fda
......@@ -32,17 +32,22 @@ public class ClusterHelper {
ExpandedComponentInstanceSymbol compTarget = c.getTargetPort().getComponentInstance().orElse(null);
if (compSource == null || compTarget == null)
Log.error("ComponentInstance of source or target not found!");
graph.addEdge(compSource, compTarget);
graph.addEdge(compSource, compTarget);
ConnectivityInspector<ExpandedComponentInstanceSymbol, DefaultEdge> connectivityInspector = new ConnectivityInspector<>(graph);
if (connectivityInspector.connectedSetOf(componentInstanceSymbol).size() != 1)
Log.error("0x8EFC3: The supercomponent can only be connected to subcomponents via middleware ports!");
return connectivityInspector.connectedSets();
int instanceSetSize = connectivityInspector.connectedSetOf(componentInstanceSymbol).size();
if (instanceSetSize != 1) {
Log.warn("0x8EFC3: The supercomponent can only be connected to subcomponents via middleware ports!");
return new ArrayList<>();
//All subcomps are connected via non mw -> only highest level needs to be generated
if(instanceSetSize != componentInstanceSymbol.getSubComponents().size() + 1)
List<Set<ExpandedComponentInstanceSymbol>> res = connectivityInspector.connectedSets();
return res;
public static List<ExpandedComponentInstanceSymbol> getClusterSubcomponents(ExpandedComponentInstanceSymbol componentInstanceSymbol) {
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