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## Writing your own Middleware Generator
see [](
## Dependencies needed to compile the generated projects
### CMake
CMake and Make are required to compile the generated projects.
Usage: Navigate to your build directory and run `cmake $srcPath`, where srcPath is the path to the generated project to be compiled. Next run `make`
### Cpp
Armadillo version 8 or higher.
The version used in EMAStudio can be downloaded from:
* [Windows](
* [Linux](
WARNING: Both linked versions contain a copy of the file `armadillo` called `armadillo.h`, which is not contained in standard armadillo distributions.
It is required by the code generated by EMAM2Cpp.
The environment variable `Armadillo_HOME` needs to be set to the base directory of your armadillo installation.
### Roscpp
Only for generated projects that contain a ROS adapter(e.g. -g=cpp,roscpp).
ROS Kinetic currently only supports Linux and the installation is described [here](
## Usage
### CLI
Maven generates the jar `embedded-montiarc-math-middleware-generator-{Version}-jar-with-dependencies.jar`
......@@ -14,6 +35,9 @@ CLI Options:
* -r/--root-model: fully qualified name of the root model
* -o/--output-dir: full path to output directory for generated files
* -g/--generators: identifiers for the generators that should be used
* currently supported:
* cpp
* roscpp
* seperated by ','
* example: cpp,roscpp
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