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### Defining the connection between a component and the middleware
### Visulization of clustering results
There are 3 scripts available to visualise the results of the clustering process. They all create graphs for each of the 4 evaluation models:
1. [evaluationVisualisation.py](src/test/resources/evaluationVisualisation.py): bar graphs that compare the size of clusters, distance score, and time taken in ms
2. [montecarlovisualisation.py](src/test/resources/montecarlovisualisation.py): line graph visualising the average distance cost for random clustering(with Monte Carlo)
3. [silhouetteVisualisation.py](src/test/resources/silhouetteVisualisation.py): point graph visualising the silhouette score of different clusterings sorted by cluster size
Execute them by running from the root of the project after executing all test in `EvaluationTest` or `MonteCarloIntegrationTest`:
python3 src/test/resources/evaluationVisualisation.py target/evaluation/autopilot/emam/clusteringResults.json target/evaluation/pacman/emam/clusteringResults.json target/evaluation/supermario/emam/clusteringResults.json target/evaluation/daimler/emam/clusteringResults.json
python3 src/test/resources/silhouetteVisualisation.py target/evaluation/autopilotSilhouette/emam/clusteringResults.json target/evaluation/pacmanSilhouette/emam/clusteringResults.json target/evaluation/supermarioSilhouette/emam/clusteringResults.json target/evaluation/daimlerSilhouette/emam/clusteringResults.json
## Defining the connection between a component and the middleware
The connection between middleware and the component is defined as tags on Ports in .tag files.
### Example with ROS Middleware:
Tags of the type RosConnection can either be simple tags(see Example 3) or define a topic(http://wiki.ros.org/Topics) with name, type and optional msgField(http://wiki.ros.org/msg , 2.)
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