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# Quickstart guide for generator developers
- Download and install Java(8+), Maven, as well as Git.
- Clone this repository:
cd your/project/directory
git clone
- Build the project
- Using the command line:
cd EMAM2Middleware
mvn clean install -s settings.xml
- Using Intellij Idea:
- Open and import the project
- Open the maven settings(ctrl+shift+a, search 'Maven settings'), tick 'Override' at 'User settings file' and select the 'settings.xml' from this Project
- Update all maven dependencies(ctrl+shift+a, seach 'Reimport All Maven Projects')
- Build the project(crtl+F9)
- Make your changes
## Compiling the Projects
1. Add your new generated test projects to the integration tests(check the scripts in [src/test/bash/](src/test/bash/) as well as [.gitlab-ci.yml](.gitlab-ci.yml)) and let the CI/CD system compile them. Alternatively you can use Docker to run the integration tests locally(reference []( , Section 'Running the Integration tests locally')
2. Install all dependencies (reference []( , Section 'Dependencies needed to compile the generated projects') and execute the generated compile scripts.
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# Quickstart guide for generator users
- Download the latest version of the generator from the [se-nexus]( (e.g. .../0.0.20-20190311.154342-1/embedded-montiarc-math-middleware-generator-0.0.20-20190311.154342-1-jar-with-dependencies.jar) and save it as mw-generator.jar
- Create a `project.json` config file for your project
- make sure your model directory and root model are correct
- for examples see: [valid.json](src/test/resources/config/valid.json), [emadl.json](src/test/resources/config/emadl.json)
- Refer to the main []( CLI) to see all options.
- Generate your project by running
java -jar mw-generator.jar project.json
- Refer to the main []( Dependencies needed to compile the generated projects) for instructions on how to install the needed dependencies for compilation
- Compile your project by running one of the generated compile scripts. E.g.:
cd defined/output/directory
# or on Windows
call compileMingw.bat
# or
call compileMsbuild.bat
# or to avoid path length error:
call substCompileMingw.bat
For two example Projects using this generator see:
- [Cooperative Intersection]( (Uses EMAM, ROS, CoInCar Simulator)
- [Autonomous driving]( (Uses EMADL, ROS, Torcs Simulator)
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All communication of these 2 Components will then be tunneled trough the specified middleware:
## Quickstart
If you want to use the generator for your project, check out [](
If you want to add features to this generator, check out [](
## Writing your own Middleware Generator
see [](
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