Commit 59a1e679 authored by Alexander David Hellwig's avatar Alexander David Hellwig
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Model: moved CollisionDetection to into collisionDetection folder

parent 9c2d75ef
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ import ba.intersection.IntersectionController;
import ba.util.RelToAbsTrajectory;
import ba.util.CommQuality;
import ba.vehicle.VelocityController;
import ba.collisionDetection.CollisionDetection;
//component System<N1 n = 2,N1 x = 1,N1 m = 5,N1 m1 = 4,N1 m2 = 10>{
component System{
package ba;
package ba.collisionDetection;
import ba.util.RectIntersection;
//TODO: as generic
package ba.collisionDetection;
import ba.util.RectIntersection;
import ba.util.SingleSetCompareMatrix;
import ba.util.MultiOr;
component CollisionDetection<N1 n = 2,N1 x = 1>{
//component CollisionDetection{
ports in Q^{2,4} hulls[n],
out B collision;
instance SingleSetCompareMatrix<2,4,n,x> singleSetCompare;
instance RectIntersection rectIntersection[x];
instance MultiOr<x> multiOr;
connect hulls[:] -> singleSetCompare.setIn[:];
connect singleSetCompare.listOut1[:] -> rectIntersection[:].rect1;
connect singleSetCompare.listOut2[:] -> rectIntersection[:].rect2;
connect rectIntersection[:].collision -> multiOr.boolIn[:];
connect multiOr.boolOut -> collision;
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