Added compile and startAll scripts for lab model

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cd target/generated-sources-cmake/lab/
rm -rf build
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../src
make -j4
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# Kill all spawned subshells on exit
trap 'kill $(jobs -p)' EXIT
cd target/generated-sources-cmake/lab/
cd build
./lab_system_alex/coordinator/Coordinator_lab_system_alex -t 1000 &
./lab_system_dinhAn/coordinator/Coordinator_lab_system_dinhAn -t 1000 &
./lab_system_michael/coordinator/Coordinator_lab_system_michael -t 1000 &
./lab_system_philipp/coordinator/Coordinator_lab_system_philipp -t 1000 &
./lab_system_combine/coordinator/Coordinator_lab_system_combine -t 1000
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