Commit 48ecca9b authored by Alexander David Hellwig's avatar Alexander David Hellwig
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Model: Removed ConflictToStopLookup

parent 08e8ee08
......@@ -3,20 +3,17 @@ package ba.intersection;
//TODO: m1 = m - 1, m2 = m1(m1+1)/2
component IntersectionController<N1 n = 2,N1 x = 1,N1 m = 5,N1 m1 = 4,N1 m2 = 10>{
//component IntersectionController{
port in Q^{3,m} trajectoryIn[n];
port in Q cutoffTime;
port in B isActive;
ports in Q^{3,m} trajectoryIn[n],
in Q cutoffTime,
in B isActive,
out B stop[n];
port out B stop[n];
instance ConflictToStopLookup<n,x> conflictToStopLookup;
instance ConflictComputer<n,x,m,m1,m2> conflictComputer;
instance ConflictToStopConverter<n,x,m> conflictToStopConverter;
connect trajectoryIn[:] -> conflictComputer.trajectory[:];
connect cutoffTime -> conflictComputer.cutoffTimeIn;
connect conflictComputer.conflictOut[:] -> conflictToStopConverter.conflictIn[:];
connect conflictToStopLookup.indexLookup[:] -> conflictToStopConverter.indexLookupIn[:];
connect conflictToStopConverter.stopOut[:] -> stop[:];
connect isActive ->;
\ No newline at end of file
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