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This generator takes an EMAM or EMADL model and connects it to a middleware library. If all Ports of two connected Components are marked as middleware Ports, the generator will create 2 executables that can be deployed on different machines.
All communication of these 2 Components will then be tunneled trough the specified middleware:
It also supports automatic clustering of the subcomponents to deploy on different machines.
## Writing your own Middleware Generator
see [TUTORIAL_ADD_MIDDLEWARE.md](https://git.rwth-aachen.de/monticore/EmbeddedMontiArc/generators/EMAM2Middleware/blob/master/TUTORIAL_ADD_MIDDLEWARE.md)
......@@ -215,21 +215,4 @@ Look at [GenerationTest::testDistributedTargetGenerator](https://git.rwth-aachen
1. If the project was created by a MiddlewareGenerator, run the executable(s) at build/coordinator(/<subcomp.name>)/Coordinator_<(sub)component.name>
## Automatic Clustering
To simplify the creation of distributed systems, the generator can automatically split the model into a given number of clusters.
* Spectral Clustering
* ...
* Convert the Symbol Table of a Component into a adjacency matrix
* (Add costs given by type to matrix. E.g. float is cheaper than Matrix of floats)
* Feed into ml library(e.g. [smile ml](https://github.com/haifengl/smile)) with the selected clustering algorithm
* (Compare the result of different algorithms)
* Generate Middleware tags seperating the clusters
* Feed into existing manual clustering architecture
* (generate)
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