Commit 0b9d8a83 authored by Alexander David Hellwig's avatar Alexander David Hellwig
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EMAM: Removed sender information from IntersectionController

parent bd8f744b
......@@ -3,20 +3,16 @@ package ba.intersection;
import ba.util.RelToAbsTrajectory;
component IntersectionController{
port in Z objectIdIn[4];
port in Q^{3,5} relTrajIn[4];
port in Q^{2,1} absPosIn[4];
port in Q^{3,5} relTrajIn[2];
port in Q^{2,1} absPosIn[2];
port in Q cutoffPosIn;
port in Q cutoffTimeIn;
port out Z objectIdOut[4];
port out B stopOut[4];
port out B stopOut[2];
instance RelToAbsTrajectory<4,5> relToAbsTrajectory;
instance TrajectoryToStop<4,6,5> trajectoryToStop;
connect objectIdIn[:] -> objectIdOut[:];
instance RelToAbsTrajectory<2,5> relToAbsTrajectory;
instance TrajectoryToStop<2,1,5> trajectoryToStop;
connect cutoffPosIn -> trajectoryToStop.cutoffPos;
connect cutoffTimeIn -> trajectoryToStop.cutoffTime;
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