Commit ebb0b654 authored by Evgeny Kusmenko's avatar Evgeny Kusmenko
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Revert "Update"

This reverts commit 4ea2c68e
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......@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ public class ImplementExecutionOrder {
//Case that given block is a block with an initial value parameter such as
// Constant, Memory or Delay
if ((subInst.getSubComponents().isEmpty() && subInst.getIncomingPortInstances().isEmpty()
/*|| !subInst.getComponentType().getConfigParameters().isEmpty()*/)
|| !subInst.getComponentType().getConfigParameters().isEmpty())
&& taggingResolver.getTags(subInst, TagExecutionOrderSymbol.KIND).isEmpty()) {
ExecutionOrder e = new NonVirtualBlock(s, b);, "Adding tag:");
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