Commit 81fbcbd3 authored by Sascha Niklas Schneiders's avatar Sascha Niklas Schneiders
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Added test for loading of small model

parent 07c265b9
......@@ -30,4 +30,15 @@ public class BasicGenerationTest extends AbstractSymtabTest {
String restPath = "testing/l0/";
testFilesAreEqual(files, restPath);
public void testSampleModel() throws IOException{
TaggingResolver symtab = createSymTabAndTaggingResolver("src/test/resources");
ExpandedComponentInstanceSymbol componentSymbol = symtab.<ExpandedComponentInstanceSymbol>resolve("testing.model", ExpandedComponentInstanceSymbol.KIND).orElse(null);
GeneratorCPP generatorCPP = new GeneratorCPP();
List<File> files = generatorCPP.generateFiles(componentSymbol, symtab);
package testing;
component Model {
port out Z(0:255)^{640,480} rgba[4];
instance ModelColor<640,480> modelColor;
connect -> rgba[1];
connect -> rgba[2];
connect -> rgba[2];
connect modelColor.alpha -> rgba[4];
\ No newline at end of file
package testing;
component ModelColor<N1 width=1, N1 height=1>{
ports out Z(0:255)^{width,height} red,
out Z(0:255)^{width,height} green,
out Z(0:255)^{width,height} blue,
out Z(0:255)^{width,height} alpha;
implementation Math {
red = zeros(640, 480);
green = zeros(640, 480);
blue = zeros(640, 480);
alpha = zeros(640, 480);
//set concrete values here
\ No newline at end of file
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