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* Example: `getCMakeConfig().addModuleDependency(new CMakeFindModule("LibName", "LibHeader.hpp", "libname", headerSearchPaths, bibrarySearchPaths, findHeaderEnabled, findLibEnabled, isRequiered));`
* Additionally any CMake command can be inserted via `getCMakeConfig().addCMakeCommand("CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS \"${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS} -Wno-deprecated\"")`or at the end via `addCMakeCommandEnd("#some command at the end")`
### How to add a new Command to EMAM
* add your command java file in src /src/main/java/de/monticore/lang/generator/cpp/commands. You can
look at as an example for an command that already exists in Armadillo. For a
  • FYI: the will be find in adi-dev branch, after merging this branch into master the ceil command will be available also on the master.

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more complex command, you can look at scaleCube.
* register your command in
* add yourCommandTest.emam in EMAM2Cpp/src/test/resources/test/math
* add a cpp file for your command in EMAM2Cpp/src/test/resources/results/armadillo/testMath/l0. This
file will be compared to the generated one from yourCommandTest.emam.
* add your test in
### Note on find_package
If no search directory is specified CMake will search on default locations. For linux this is _/usr/lib_ , _usr/local/lib_ , _usr/include_ etc. Windows systems does not have a default library path. The generated CMake files also are using environment variables as hint. If a package could not be found but it is installed somewhere on the system please create an environment variable **PackageName_HOME**.
Here an example for Armadillo:
Create a environment variable called _Armadillo_Home_ with the path to the base directory of your Armadillo installation.
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