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Updated the Constant_velocity.emam with a math implementation

parent 02c9e880
package montiarc;
import montiarc.atomic.*;
component Constant_velocity {
in (0km/h : 250km/h) velocity,
in (-oo:oo) time, // this is shit!, it must be (0s:1ms:00 s)
in (0s:1000s) time, // (0s:1ms:00 s)
out (-2m/s^2:2m/s^2) acceleration,
out (-180°:180°) steering;
instance Less<N1> relationalOperator;
instance SwitchB<N1> switchBlock;
connect 0 /*Constant3*/-> steering;
connect switchBlock.out1 -> acceleration;
connect relationalOperator.out1 -> switchBlock.cond;
connect 2/*Constant2*/ -> switchBlock.in1; // this should give you a CoCo error
connect 0/*Constant1*/ -> switchBlock.in3; // this too (because 0 will be propagated to acceleration, but acceleration is not unit-less)
connect time -> relationalOperator.in1;
connect 1/*Constant*/ -> relationalOperator.in2;
implementation Math {
B cond = time < 1s;
acceleration = cond ? 0 m/s^2 : 2 m/s^2;
steering = 0°;
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