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......@@ -33,3 +33,15 @@ If no search directory is specified CMake will search on default locations. For
Here an example for Armadillo:
Create a environment variable called _Armadillo_Home_ with the path to the base directory of your Armadillo installation.
### Note to use CV-Commands:
* Available since version 0.1.16-SNAPSHOT.
* In case you use CV-Commands on input- or output ports in your Project, it is necessary to run the following command-call on the generated general file:
_sed -i 's/cube/Cube<unsigned char>/g' your_project_general_file.h_
* This adaptation should be integrated into _EMAM2CPP_ in the future.
* For conversion between _Armadillo_-matrix/cube and _OpenCV_-matrix/cube it exists a helper-header _ConvHelper.h_. This is generated automatically if at least one CV-command is used.
* For more information about how to use CV-Command, see the _BallTracking_-project in the application repository.
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