Commit 9109db47 authored by cesomark's avatar cesomark
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fixed relative path for InvalidPathCoCos test

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......@@ -200,8 +200,8 @@ public class GenerationTest extends AbstractSymtabTest {
"-c", "n" };
assertEquals(Log.getFindings().size(), 3);
"Filepath '/Users/ceso/Documents/uni/SLE/projekt/EMADL2CPP/test/resources/models' does not exist!");
Log.getFindings().get(0).toString().matches("Filepath '(.)*/test/resources/models' does not exist!"));
assertEquals(Log.getFindings().get(1).toString(), "DatapathType is incorrect, must be of Type: HDF5 or LMDB");
"Tagfile was found, ignoring data_paths.txt: test/resources/models");
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