Commit 8e8d2bc3 authored by Nicola Gatto's avatar Nicola Gatto
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Add integration tests for gluon to CI file

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...@@ -47,7 +47,12 @@ integrationCaffe2JobLinux: ...@@ -47,7 +47,12 @@ integrationCaffe2JobLinux:
script: script:
- mvn -B clean install --settings settings.xml -Dtest=IntegrationCaffe2Test - mvn -B clean install --settings settings.xml -Dtest=IntegrationCaffe2Test
stage: linux
- mvn -B clean install --settings settings.xml -Dtest=IntegrationGluonTest
masterJobWindows: masterJobWindows:
stage: windows stage: windows
script: script:
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