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Commit 2b189b03 authored by Christian Fuß's avatar Christian Fuß
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added OneHotLayer at end of CifarNetwork

parent a50faf35
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......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ package cifar10;
component CifarNetwork<Z(2:oo) classes = 10>{
ports in Z(0:255)^{3, 32, 32} data,
out Q(0:1)^{classes,2} softmax;
out Q(0:1)^{classes} softmax;
implementation CNN {
Epoch[0] Train-accuracy=0.000000
Epoch[0] Time cost=0.291
Epoch[0] Validation-accuracy=0.200000
Epoch[1] Train-accuracy=0.300000
Epoch[1] Time cost=0.014
Epoch[1] Validation-accuracy=0.400000
Epoch[2] Train-accuracy=0.100000
Epoch[2] Time cost=0.012
Epoch[2] Validation-accuracy=0.500000
Epoch[3] Train-accuracy=0.400000
Epoch[3] Time cost=0.013
Epoch[3] Validation-accuracy=0.200000
Epoch[4] Train-accuracy=0.700000
Epoch[4] Time cost=0.013
Saved checkpoint to "model/instanceTestCifar.CifarNetwork/model-0005.params"
Epoch[4] Validation-accuracy=0.200000
Epoch[5] Train-accuracy=0.700000
Epoch[5] Time cost=0.021
Epoch[5] Validation-accuracy=0.200000
Epoch[6] Train-accuracy=0.600000
Epoch[6] Time cost=0.025
Epoch[6] Validation-accuracy=0.400000
Epoch[7] Train-accuracy=1.000000
Epoch[7] Time cost=0.013
Epoch[7] Validation-accuracy=0.100000
Epoch[8] Train-accuracy=0.600000
Epoch[8] Time cost=0.016
Epoch[8] Validation-accuracy=0.400000
Epoch[9] Train-accuracy=0.900000
Epoch[9] Time cost=0.013
Saved checkpoint to "model/instanceTestCifar.CifarNetwork/model-0010.params"
Epoch[9] Validation-accuracy=0.100000
Saved checkpoint to "model/instanceTestCifar.CifarNetwork/model-0010.params"
Saved checkpoint to "model/instanceTestCifar.CifarNetwork/model_newest-0000.params"
Epoch[0] Train: 0.100000, Test: 0.100000
Epoch[1] Train: 0.100000, Test: 0.100000
Epoch[2] Train: 0.100000, Test: 0.100000
Epoch[3] Train: 0.100000, Test: 0.100000
Epoch[4] Train: 0.200000, Test: 0.100000
Epoch[5] Train: 0.100000, Test: 0.000000
Epoch[6] Train: 0.100000, Test: 0.000000
Epoch[7] Train: 0.100000, Test: 0.000000
Epoch[8] Train: 0.100000, Test: 0.000000
Epoch[9] Train: 0.100000, Test: 0.000000
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