Commit e9a961af authored by Sascha Dewes's avatar Sascha Dewes
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bug fix for getCriticInitializerParams

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......@@ -303,7 +303,7 @@ public class GluonConfigurationData extends ConfigurationData {
assert getConfiguration().getCriticInitializer().isPresent():
"Critic initializer params called although, not present";
Map<String, String> mapToStrings = new HashMap<>();
Map<String, InitializerParamSymbol> initializerParams = getConfiguration().getCriticInitializer().getInitializerParamMap();
Map<String, InitializerParamSymbol> initializerParams = getConfiguration().getCriticInitializer().get().getInitializerParamMap();
for (Map.Entry<String, InitializerParamSymbol> entry : initializerParams.entrySet()) {
String paramName = entry.getKey();
String valueAsString = entry.getValue().toString();
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