Commit 7cc127f0 authored by lr119628's avatar lr119628
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[update] code cleanup

parent 70819612
......@@ -21,6 +21,16 @@ public class CNNArch2GluonTemplateController extends CNNArchTemplateController {
TemplateConfiguration templateConfiguration) {
super(architecture, templateConfiguration);
public String getDefinedOutputDimension(){
// function calculates the output shape as defined in the .emadl, used for AdaNet layer
ArchTypeSymbol types = ((IODeclarationSymbol)this.getArchitecture().getOutputs().get(0).getDeclaration()).getType();
StringBuilder stringBuilder = new StringBuilder();
return stringBuilder.toString();
public void include(String relativePath, String templateWithoutFileEnding, Writer writer, NetDefinitionMode netDefinitionMode){
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