Commit 1c37d990 authored by Evgeny Kusmenko's avatar Evgeny Kusmenko
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Merge branch 'MyElu-fix' into 'master'

fix myELU

See merge request !45
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......@@ -33,12 +33,19 @@ public class CNNArch2GluonTemplateController extends CNNArchTemplateController {
public void include(String relativePath, String templateWithoutFileEnding, Writer writer, NetDefinitionMode netDefinitionMode){
String templatePath = relativePath + templateWithoutFileEnding + FTL_FILE_ENDING;
Map<String, Object> ftlContext = new HashMap<>();
ftlContext.put(TEMPLATE_CONTROLLER_KEY, this);
ftlContext.put(ELEMENT_DATA_KEY, getCurrentElement());
ftlContext.put(NET_DEFINITION_MODE_KEY, netDefinitionMode.toString());
if (this.getDataElement().getElement() instanceof LayerSymbol){
if(((LayerSymbol) (this.getDataElement().getElement())).getDeclaration() instanceof CustomLayerDeclaration){
templatePath = relativePath + "CustomLayer" + FTL_FILE_ENDING;
getTemplateConfiguration().processTemplate(ftlContext, templatePath, writer);
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