Commit f1a3bcfd authored by Carlos Alfredo Yeverino Rodriguez's avatar Carlos Alfredo Yeverino Rodriguez
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Corrected pending target file for test comparisons

parent 1bb168b6
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......@@ -69,8 +69,7 @@ class CNNCreator_CifarClassifierNetwork:
batchnorm3_1_ = mx.symbol.BatchNorm(data=conv3_1_,
conv2_2_ = brew.conv(model, data, 'conv2_2_', dim_in=1, dim_out=8, kernel=1, stride=1)
conv2_2_ = brew.conv(model, data, 'conv2_2_', dim_in=3, dim_out=8, kernel=1, stride=1)
# conv2_2_, output shape: {[8,32,32]}
batchnorm2_2_ = mx.symbol.BatchNorm(data=conv2_2_,
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