Commit 4c41026b authored by Carlos Alfredo Yeverino Rodriguez's avatar Carlos Alfredo Yeverino Rodriguez
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No padding in convolution layers of LeNet model setting padding="valid"

parent e9c99269
architecture LeNet(img_height=32, img_width=32, img_channels=3, classes=10){
architecture LeNet(img_height=28, img_width=28, img_channels=3, classes=10){
def input Z(0:255)^{img_channels, img_height, img_width} image
def output Q(0:1)^{classes} predictions
image ->
Convolution(kernel=(5,5), channels=20) ->
Convolution(kernel=(5,5), channels=20, padding="valid") ->
Pooling(pool_type="max", kernel=(2,2), stride=(2,2)) ->
Convolution(kernel=(5,5), channels=50) ->
Convolution(kernel=(5,5), channels=50, padding="valid") ->
Pooling(pool_type="max", kernel=(2,2), stride=(2,2)) ->
FullyConnected(units=500) ->
Relu() ->
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