Commit 22820fbb authored by Carlos Alfredo Yeverino Rodriguez's avatar Carlos Alfredo Yeverino Rodriguez
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removed first condition to check also sublayers in case of CompositeElementSymbol and IOSymbol.

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......@@ -51,8 +51,7 @@ public class CNNArch2Caffe2 implements CNNArchGenerator{
private boolean isSupportedLayer(ArchitectureElementSymbol element, LayerSupportChecker layerChecker){
List<ArchitectureElementSymbol> constructLayerElemList;
//first part of if condition ensures that element is not an IOSymbol
if (element instanceof LayerSymbol && (element.getResolvedThis().get() instanceof CompositeElementSymbol)) {
if (element.getResolvedThis().get() instanceof CompositeElementSymbol) {
constructLayerElemList = ((CompositeElementSymbol)element.getResolvedThis().get()).getElements();
for (ArchitectureElementSymbol constructedLayerElement : constructLayerElemList) {
if (!isSupportedLayer(constructedLayerElement, layerChecker)) {
......@@ -136,8 +136,13 @@ public class GenerationTest extends AbstractSymtabTest{
public void testMultipleOutputs() throws IOException, TemplateException {
String[] args = {"-m", "src/test/resources/valid_tests", "-r", "MultipleOutputs"};
exit.checkAssertionAfterwards(new Assertion() {
public void checkAssertion() {
assertTrue(Log.getFindings().size() == 2);
assertTrue(Log.getFindings().size() == 3);
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