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- If you want to build the CarlaRosBridge Docker Container yourself you can use the scripts in docker/carla-ros-bridge; note that we use the tag of the carla-ros-bridge as the latest version is not compatible with Carla 0.9.5 anymore.
You can edit your IP adress in the Dockerfile.
# How to run it on Linux
## How to execute the code for the bumper bot and read the collision sensor?
## Steps to build a component:
- Start Carla by executing: ``
- Start the ego-vehicle: `docker/`
It executes `python --rolename=ego_vehicle` in PythonAPI/examples to create a vehicle for the ros-bridge.
- To start the container execute inside the project folder:
1. Move **mw-generator.jar** to the directory of the component you wish to build.
2. Open shell, cd to the directory of the component and execute:
Then execute in a new terminal to compile and execute the generated code for the bumpbot:
java -jar mw-generator.jar [component].json
3. Switch to the target directory:
If you want to read additional messages from a rostopic you can execute:
`docker/Linux/` and inside the container read the topic with e.g. `rostopic echo /carla/ego_vehicle/collision`
cd target/
4. Execute
# Running with docker on Windows
I tested this code in a Command Prompt/Power Shell. For the use of other consoles the commands might need to be adjusted for example with winpty.
5. If the generator can't find carla_msgs message type: execute the following command and retry step 4:
Similarly to how you run it on Linux, there are shell scripts for Windows:, [component].sh and Depending on your system, these might need to be edited.
The scripts worked on the Setup: Windows 10 Home, Docker Toolbox, executed in git-bash.
To copy the assets into the docker container, I had to have the project folder in an shared-drive (you need to edit the For me the output in `rostopic echo /carla/ego_vehicle/collision` was with great delay (~1 minute) or none at all, which just might be because of my slow system vs the Carla-simulator.
export CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=$CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH:/path/to/rosbridge/catkin_ws/devel/share/carla_msgs/cmake
usually the path is something like `~/carla-ros-bridge/catkin_ws/devel/share/carla_msgs/cmake`.
6. After successfull compiling the generated code switch to install/bin directory:
I do not recommend trying to run everything on Windows.
cd install/bin/
7. Execute Coordinator_\<model-package\>_\<component-name\>. Here it's:
## Running the code
- In the Docker Settings GUI select the drive where you want to work on as shared drive, else using volumes won't work.
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