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## Steps to build a component:
## Dependences
[Here]( is how to install everything (and how to run it manually).
1. Move **mw-generator.jar** to the directory of the component you wish to build.
2. Open shell, cd to the directory of the component and execute:
# How to move the Car by using ROS and reading information from the collision Sensor:
## How to run it on Linux
java -jar mw-generator.jar project.json
(in this case it's called **valid.json** or **settings.json**)
3. Switch to the target directory:
cd target/
4. Execute
5. If the generator can't find carla_msgs message type: execute the following command and retry step 4:
export CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=$CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH:/path/to/rosbridge/catkin_ws/devel/share/carla_msgs/cmake
usually the path is something like `~/carla-ros-bridge/catkin_ws/devel/share/carla_msgs/cmake`.
6. After successfull compiling the generated code switch to install/bin directory:
cd install/bin/
7. Execute Coordinator_\<model-package\>_\<component-name\>. Here it's:
1. Start the Carla-Simulator (``)
## How to move the Car by using ROS and reading information from the collision Sensor:
2. Start the ego-vehicle:
1. Start the Carla-Simulator.
It executes `python --rolename=ego_vehicle` in PythonAPI/examples to create a vehicle for the ros-bridge.
3. To start the (docker-) container and carla-ros-bridge:
2. Run the following command within the PythonAPI/examples directory:
python --rolename=ego_vehicle
3. To start the (docker-) container go to the project containing directory and run:
4. To move the vehicle by using ROS, open a new terminal and run:
This builds the bumpbot component and runs it.
5. You can now read information from the collision sensor by running:
and within the shell:
rostopic echo /carla/ego_vehicle/collision
## Running with docker on Windows
I tested this code in a Command Prompt/Power Shell. For the use of other consoles the commands might need to be adjusted for example with winpty.
Similarly to how you run it on Linux, there are shell scripts for Windows:, [component].sh and Depending on your system, these might need to be edited.
The scripts worked on the Setup: Windows 10 Home, Docker Toolbox, executed in git-bash.
To copy the assets into the docker container, I had to have the project folder in an shared-drive (you need to edit the For me the output in `rostopic echo /carla/ego_vehicle/collision` was with great delay (~1 minute) or none at all, which just might be because of my slow system vs the Carla-simulator.
I do not recommend trying to run everything on Windows.
## Correlation with other projects:
This project can be compiled as follows:
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