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A simple component to test the ROS generator and carla-ros-bridge

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# CarlaComponents
EMAM Components for the Carla Simulator
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package test;
conforms to de.monticore.lang.monticar.generator.roscpp.RosToEmamTagSchema;
tags Bumb {
tag bumbBot.throttle with RosConnection = {topic = (/carla/ego_vehicle/vehicle_control_cmd, std_msgs/Float64), msgField = data};
tag bumbBot.steer with RosConnection = {topic = (/carla/ego_vehicle/vehicle_control_cmd, std_msgs/Float64), msgField = data};
package test;
import test.structures.*;
component BumbBot{
port out Q throttle;
port out Q steer;
implementation Math{
throttle = 1.0;
steer = 0.0;
package test.structures;
struct Ego_Vehicle{
Q throttle;
Q steer;
"modelsDir": "models/",
"outputDir": "target/",
"rootModel": "test.bumbBot",
"generators": ["cpp", "roscpp"]
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