Commit 65556778 authored by Saskia Wepner's avatar Saskia Wepner

inserted own HRTF path

parent 3db40b4f
......@@ -3,7 +3,8 @@ function [ binOut ] = ita_3da_binauralMixdown( lsSignals, varargin )
%loudspeaker signal(s) and coordinates (given as optional coordinates or
%better: encoded in the itaAudio channel coordinates
% Detailed explanation goes here
% opts.HRTF='D:\DATA\sciebo\MKOScripts\HRTFs\2015_ITA-Kunstkopf_HRIR_2ch_D186_1x1_256_v17.daff';
opts.HRTF = 'Y:\matlab\';
if nargin>1
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