Commit 150606a0 authored by Marius Laska's avatar Marius Laska
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scaling of bbox loss vs grid cell loss changed to version of succ cluster evaluation

parent 792ed396
......@@ -911,7 +911,9 @@ def define_yolo_loss_tanh_no_size(params):
# box loss
box_loss = tf.zeros_like(y_true[:, 0])
box_loss_scale = tf.reduce_sum(tf.multiply(grid_cell_pred, grid_cell_true), axis=1)
# add factor based on general batch performance
# if grid cell chosen correctly shift loss importance to bbox loss
box_loss_scale = tf.reduce_sum(tf.multiply(grid_cell_pred, grid_cell_true))#, axis=1)
# center loss
c_loss = tf.reduce_sum(tf.square(tf.subtract(y_true[:, :2], y_pred_s[:, :2])),
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