Commit 28376af9 authored by Hock, Martin's avatar Hock, Martin 🙉
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first tries of calling should add callscript to gitignore soon?

parent a286b5fd
y = megamaths(x); = 'f196f1e8cbb587bf4c3961080c8db38de8b769bc';
hash.minus = '169f59f05416553a27eca8df3b056dc0ed3a8bdf';
hash.square = 'a286b5fd5cbf8dffc48694f79d188c6aafe6794b';
hash.last = '
!git status
% decide what math function, this should not be changed with the commits
!git checkout 169f59f05416553a27eca8df3b056dc0ed3a8bdf
y = megamath(x);
display (y);
\ No newline at end of file
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