Commit f6f3e95d authored by Lukas Weber's avatar Lukas Weber
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add a meson option to force hdf5 fallback

parent 907e6820
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ cppc = meson.get_compiler('cpp')
hdf5_dep = cppc.find_library('hdf5', required : false)
# This should be a last resort because I hacked the for hdf5 together in an afternoon and am not sure if it works correctly ;)
if not hdf5_dep.found()
if not hdf5_dep.found() or get_option('force_hdf5_fallback')
hdf5_proj = subproject('hdf5')
hdf5_dep = hdf5_proj.get_variable('hdf5_dep')
option('rng_backend', type : 'combo', choices : ['internal_mersenne', 'stl_mt19937', 'stl_mt19937_64'], description : 'The backend used for the random number generator provided by loadleveller')
option('force_hdf5_fallback', type : 'boolean', value : false, description : 'Use the hdf5.wrap even if an installed versionwas found.')
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