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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import glob
import h5py
import os
import yaml
This module extracts progress information from job data.
class TaskProgress:
class JobProgress:
def __init__(self, jobfile):
self.jobfile = jobfile
with open(jobfile, 'r') as f:
jobfile = yaml.load(f)
self.tasks = jobfile['tasks'].keys()
self.restart = False
self.progress = []
for task in self.tasks:
tp = TaskProgress()
tp.target_sweeps = jobfile['tasks'][task]['sweeps']
tp.target_therm = jobfile['tasks'][task]['thermalization']
tp.sweeps = 0
tp.therm_sweeps = 0
tp.num_runs = 0
for runfile in glob.iglob('{}.data/{}/run*.dump.h5'.format(self.jobfile,task)):
tp.num_runs += 1
with h5py.File(runfile, 'r') as f:
tp.sweeps += f['/sweeps'][0]
tp.therm_sweeps += f['/thermalization_sweeps'][0]
if sweeps < target_sweeps + target_therm:
self.restart = True
def needs_restart():
return self.restart
def needs_merge():
result_mtime = 0
result_mtime = os.path.getmtime(args.jobfile+'.results.yml')
except FileNotFoundError:
return True
for task in self.tasks:
for measfile in glob.iglob('{}.data/{}/run*.meas.h5'.format(self.jobfile,task)):
if os.path.getmtime(measfile) > result_mtime:
return True
return False
def ystatus():
""" This function is exported as the ystatus command """
import argparse
import sys
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Prints the status and progress of a loadleveller Monte Carlo job.')
parser.add_argument('jobfile', metavar='JOBFILE', help='Configuration file containing all the job information.')
parser.add_argument('--need-restart', action='store_true', help='Return 1 if the job is not completed yet and 0 otherwise.')
parser.add_argument('--need-merge', action='store_true', help='Return 1 if the merged results are older than the raw data and 0 otherwise.')
args = parser.parse_args()
job_prog = JobProgress(args.jobfile)
if args.need_restart and args.need_merge:
print("Error: only one option of '--need-restart' and '--need-merge' can appear at once", file=sys.stderr)
if args.need_restart:
if job_prog.needs_restart():
print('Needs restart!')
return True
print('Job completed.')
return False
if args.need_merge:
if job_prog.needs_merge():
print('Needs merge!')
print('Job already merged.')
return False
for task, tp in zip(job_prog.tasks, job_prog.progress):
print('{t}: {tp.run_count} runs, {tp.sweeps}/{tp.target_sweeps} sweeps, {tp.therm_sweeps}/{tp.target_therm} thermalization'.format(t=task,tp=tp))
except FileNotFoundError as e:
print("Error: jobfile '{}' not found.".format(args.jobfile))
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