Commit c9d9085d authored by Lukas Weber's avatar Lukas Weber
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rename conditions to filter

parent 625083ab
......@@ -50,24 +50,24 @@ class MCArchive:
o.mean[i,:] = value['mean']
o.error[i,:] = value['error']
def condition_mask(self, conditions):
if not conditions:
def filter_mask(self, filter):
if not filter:
return [True for _ in range(self.num_tasks)]
return [all(self.parameters[key][i] == val for key, val in conditions.items()) for i in range(self.num_tasks)]
return [all(self.parameters[key][i] == val for key, val in filter.items()) for i in range(self.num_tasks)]
def get_parameter(self, name, unique=False, conditions={}):
selection = list(itertools.compress(self.parameters[name], self.condition_mask(conditions)))
def get_parameter(self, name, unique=False, filter={}):
selection = list(itertools.compress(self.parameters[name], self.filter_mask(filter)))
if unique:
return list(sorted(set(selection)))
return selection
def get_observable(self, name, conditions={}):
def get_observable(self, name, filter={}):
orig = self.observables[name]
selection = Observable(0)
mask = self.condition_mask(conditions)
mask = self.filter_mask(filter)
selection.rebinning_bin_count = orig.rebinning_bin_count[mask]
selection.rebinning_bin_length = orig.rebinning_bin_length[mask]
selection.autocorrelation_time = orig.autocorrelation_time[mask]
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