Commit bdbb9cfa authored by Lukas Weber's avatar Lukas Weber
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do not try to open .tmp files

parent e995206e
......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ jobinfo::jobinfo(const std::string &jobfile_name) : jobfile{jobfile_name} {
// The regex has to be matched with the output of the rundir function.
std::vector<std::string> jobinfo::list_run_files(const std::string &taskdir,
const std::string &file_ending) {
std::regex run_filename{"run\\d{4,}\\." + file_ending};
std::regex run_filename{"^run\\d{4,}\\." + file_ending + "$"};
std::vector<std::string> results;
DIR *dir = opendir(taskdir.c_str());
if(dir == nullptr) {
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