Commit a78ff8e4 authored by Lukas Weber's avatar Lukas Weber

make iodump reading errors more verbose

parent 7875ed9b
......@@ -234,7 +234,11 @@ void iodump::group::insert_back(const std::string &name, const std::vector<T> &d
template<class T>
void iodump::group::read(const std::string &name, std::vector<T> &data) const {
h5_handle dataset{H5Dopen2(group_, name.c_str(), H5P_DEFAULT), H5Dclose};
hid_t dset = H5Dopen2(group_, name.c_str(), H5P_DEFAULT);
if(dset < 0)
throw iodump_exception{filename_, fmt::format("H5Dopen2({})", name)};
h5_handle dataset{dset, H5Dclose};
h5_handle dataspace{H5Dget_space(*dataset), H5Sclose};
int size = H5Sget_simple_extent_npoints(*dataspace); // rank > 1 will get flattened when loaded.
......@@ -248,8 +252,9 @@ void iodump::group::read(const std::string &name, std::vector<T> &data) const {
herr_t status =
H5Dread(*dataset, h5_datatype<T>(), H5S_ALL, H5P_DEFAULT, H5P_DEFAULT,;
if(status < 0)
throw iodump_exception{filename_, "H5Dread"};
if(status < 0) {
throw iodump_exception{filename_, fmt::format("H5Dread({})", name)};
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