Commit 33782b22 authored by Lukas Weber's avatar Lukas Weber
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IMPORTANT: use the correct mpirun executable

on claix18, batch jobs should use whatever is set in $MPIEXEC (srun at the moment)
using mpirun instead works, but it seems that it leads to some bad pinning of ranks which
reduces CPU efficiency to just 2%!
parent 021072ae
...@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ def generate_batchscript_claix18(cmd, jobname, jobconfig): ...@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ def generate_batchscript_claix18(cmd, jobname, jobconfig):
job_parameters = { job_parameters = {
'jobname': jobname, 'jobname': jobname,
'mpirun': jobconfig.get('mpirun','mpirun'), 'mpirun': jobconfig.get('mpirun','$MPIEXEC'),
'mem_per_cpu': jobconfig.get('mem_per_cpu','2G'), 'mem_per_cpu': jobconfig.get('mem_per_cpu','2G'),
'walltime': jobconfig['mc_walltime'], 'walltime': jobconfig['mc_walltime'],
'num_cores': jobconfig['num_cores'], 'num_cores': jobconfig['num_cores'],
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