Commit 30b17301 authored by Lukas Weber's avatar Lukas Weber
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correctly handle systems that do not have intel-mkl installed

parent 0a915760
#pragma once
#define RNG_BACKEND @rng_backend@
#define HAVE_INTEL_MKL @have_intel_mkl@
#mesondefine RNG_BACKEND
#mesondefine HAVE_INTEL_MKL
......@@ -5,8 +5,8 @@ rng_names = {
conf_data = configuration_data()
conf_data.set('rng_backend', rng_names[get_option('rng_backend')])
conf_data.set('have_intel_mkl', mkl_dep.found())
conf_data.set('RNG_BACKEND', rng_names[get_option('rng_backend')])
conf_data.set('HAVE_INTEL_MKL', mkl_dep.found())
configure_file(input : '',
output : 'config.h',
install : should_install,
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