Commit 0d51d8fd authored by Lukas Weber's avatar Lukas Weber
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fix an out of bounds access

parent 40f77727
......@@ -30,8 +30,13 @@ void observable::checkpoint_write(const iodump::group &dump_file) const {
void observable::measurement_write(const iodump::group &meas_file) {
std::vector<double> current_bin_value(samples_.end() - vector_length_, samples_.end());
std::vector<double> current_bin_value;
// if there is not even one bin…
if(samples_.size() > vector_length_) {
current_bin_value.assign(samples_.end() - vector_length_, samples_.end());
samples_.resize(current_bin_ * vector_length_);
meas_file.write("vector_length", vector_length_);
meas_file.write("bin_length", bin_length_);
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