Commit c89d21e7 authored by Leander Schulten's avatar Leander Schulten

Deploy: The release folder should not contain the Qt Version. I don't what to...

Deploy: The release folder should not contain the Qt Version. I don't what to change that every time the Qt Version changes.
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......@@ -46,14 +46,14 @@ deploy:
- windows-release
- cp build/release/Lichtsteuerung.exe windows-release-5.13.0
- cp src/lib/boost/lib/libboost_context-mt-x64.dll windows-release-5.13.0
- cp src/lib/boost/lib/libboost_coroutine-mt-x64.dll windows-release-5.13.0
- mkdir -p windows-release-5.13.0/modulesHeader
- cp -r src/modules windows-release-5.13.0/modulesHeader
- echo "includePath=modulesHeader" >> windows-release-5.13.0/settings.ini
# - echo "moduleDirPath=modules" >> windows-release-5.13.0/settings.ini
- cp version.txt windows-release-5.13.0
- cp build/release/Lichtsteuerung.exe windows-release
- cp src/lib/boost/lib/libboost_context-mt-x64.dll windows-release
- cp src/lib/boost/lib/libboost_coroutine-mt-x64.dll windows-release
- mkdir -p windows-release/modulesHeader
- cp -r src/modules windows-release/modulesHeader
- echo "includePath=modulesHeader" >> windows-release/settings.ini
# - echo "moduleDirPath=modules" >> windows-release/settings.ini
- cp version.txt windows-release
- windows-release-5.13.0
- windows-release
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ class Updater : public QObject{
Q_PROPERTY(int progress READ getUpdateProgress NOTIFY updateProgressChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(UpdaterState state READ getState NOTIFY stateChanged)
const inline static QString VERSION_FILE_NAME = QStringLiteral("version.txt");
const inline static QString NAME_OF_DEPLOY_FOLDER = QStringLiteral("windows-release-5.13.0");
const inline static QString NAME_OF_DEPLOY_FOLDER = QStringLiteral("windows-release");
const inline static QString WINDOWS_INSTALLER_NAME = QStringLiteral("WindowsInstaller.exe");
QString versionDownloadURL = QStringLiteral("");
QString deployDownloadURL = QStringLiteral("");
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