Commit 622a2766 authored by Leander Schulten's avatar Leander Schulten
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AudioCaptureManager/SettingsView: emit currentDeviceIndex change on...

AudioCaptureManager/SettingsView: emit currentDeviceIndex change on Audio::updateCaptureDeviceList(), otherwise no element is selected in the SettingsView
parent d083ab6c
......@@ -243,11 +243,9 @@ void AudioCaptureManager::updateCaptureDeviceList() {
auto newIndex = getIndexForDeviceName(name);
if (newIndex != currentCaptureDevice) {
currentCaptureDevice = newIndex;
emit currentCaptureDeviceChanged();
currentCaptureDevice = getIndexForDeviceName(name);
// always emit, because the model was empty for a short time, so QML Components sets their currentIndex to -1
emit currentCaptureDeviceChanged();
void AudioCaptureManager::setCurrentCaptureDevice(int index) {
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